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John Abele

Founder/Chairman, Boston Scientific; Leader of the Grunion expedition

Philanthropist and explorer, John recently rediscovered his Dad's submarine, The Grunion, which was lost in WWII.

John Abele is Cofounder and a Director of Boston Scientific Corporation. His Dad’s submarine, The Grunion, was lost in WWII and recently found. We’ll learn more about that. His major interests are science literacy for children, education, and the process by which new technology is invented, developed, and introduced to society. He’s Chair of the First Foundation which works with high school kids to make being science-literate cool and fun; and oversees The Kingbridge Centre whose mission is to research, develop, and teach improved methods for interactive conferencing: problem solving, conflict resolution, strategic planning, new methods for learning and generally helping groups to become “collectively intelligent.” He lives with his wife, two dogs and a cat on a neat farm in Vermont.

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