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Esther Dyson

Computer Entrepreneur, Amateur Astronaut

Esther Dyson is the Internet's court jester, and believes that the remainder of the proof should be left to other investors. She sits on the board of the Sunlight Foundation and interferes with start-ups. Her post-proof protegees include Flickr, Medstory, NetBeans and Powerset; her current crop waiting to be proven includes 23andMe, Boxbe, AnchorFree,, Evernote, Factual, FluidInfo,  GoodData, Icon, Joobili,  Keas, Lendaround, NewspaperDirect, PatientsLikeMe, PatientsKnowBest,, Resilient, School of Everything, Space Adventures, Voxiva, Wellgood, Xcor  and Yandex.

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  • George & Esther Dyson (EG4)
    January 2010: George and Esther Dyson share stories of their father's (Freeman Dyson) life and work as a Scientist and Writer.